Sunday, January 1, 2012

NERO / N.Y.E. Resolution for ZUMA Press

It's been simply astonishing to watch dubstep dominate the American music scene over the past several years. What began as a sort of musical experiment in South London basements can now be heard in nearly every radio-played single, unbiased by genre or scene. Yet what is more incredible is the live presentation of dubstep - a thing of beauty that I've been lucky enough to photograph several times. While a touch more tame than this past summer's IDENtity Festival, N.Y.E. Resolution was a comfortably familiar experience of epic proportions.

NERO - one of the world's top DJs at the moment - made a stop in Seattle, Wash., for a New Year's Eve celebration, and the following images are a brief testament to the insanity that unfolded. What a way to kick off 2012. Happy New Year, and enjoy!

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