Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Say Yes To The Dress (...Feature?)

Apologies for the terrible title of this post.  Moving on.  I was out hunting features the other day and everything was coming up short.  I happened to glance into a bridal shop on State Street in Provo and violá - problem solved.  Although these did not end up running due to a lack of page space the next day, I still like the feeling you get from them.  I couldn't pick one, so here's three.  Enjoy the prep for the greatest day of someone else's life!

Madeline Bodine, 21, right, tries on wedding dresses with her friend and BYU classmate, Mindy Westover, 22, left, on Monday, Jan. 9. 2012, at the Bridal Center in downtown Provo. Bodine is set to wed Andrew Barrett, another BYU student, not pictured, on April 21 at the Salt Lake Temple.

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