Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Eddie Adams Workshop XXV | The Final Edit

The Eddie Adams Workshop has long been one of the most coveted milestones in a photographer's career. Every year, thousands apply from all over the world, sending in a 20-image portfolio under the simple guideline that is both elusive and mysterious in nature: what is your personal vision? After months of deliberation by a group of the industry's top editors and photographers, only 100 lucky individuals (50 student, 50 professional) are granted access to the workshop's week-long experience in early October in upstate NewYork. Who judges?! How do they judge?! Why did _____ get in, but I didn't?! Questions such as these plague photographers that miss admission, just as I had after my first year's submission.

Yet, in 2012, with the help of The (Provo) Daily Herald's photo editor, Mark Johnston, I crafted an 18-image portfolio that later admitted me to the 25th anniversary of the workshop in the professional's bracket. We edited on images that immediately grabbed the viewer; no quiet moments or overly detailed images - just shock and awe at its most vivid. As I look back over the edit, it's almost less about the images now and more so about the ordering.  Many, many hours were spent to craft a flow that moved from picture to picture in a pleasing way, either by mood, color or subject body language. The thing that rings truest for me is the fact that these images spanned almost every photographic experience I have ever had. Multiple internships, long road trips and pivotal life moments all came out to play.  The result, shown below in three screenshots of six images each, is my attempt to shed some light on the mystery of being admitted to the workshop.  Please feel free to contact me about anything EAW-related - I would love to help as much as possible... even though it probably won't be much.  If you missed admission this year, make sure to apply next year! Upon my return from the workshop in mid-October, expect a reflection and work share from my time at Barnstorm. Enjoy! Oh, and... go Team Turquoise!


  1. Thanks for this post. Really inspirational photos and an inspiration to apply to the EAW.

    1. Of course! No worries at all. it's the least I can do for people who are on the fence about applying.

  2. That was enjoyable to read, thanks for posting it.

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