Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brigham Young Men's Basketball vs. Santa Clara

Full speed ahead on the sports. This was one of the first games I photographed in Utah that I felt "in the zone" on.  Maybe it was the added pressure of sending to the Associated Press and Salt Lake Tribune at halftime, but something worked better for me than what I was doing before. Thanks to editor Mark Johnston for a light kick in the rear beforehand.

*NOTICE TO NON-PHOTOGRAPHERS: The next line down will seem incredibly geeky and leave you scratching your head.  Skip it, and go straight to the pictures.

*NOTICE TO PHOTOGRAPHERS: The light in BYU's Marriott Center is unlike anything I have ever seen or photographed in for indoor sports - it's insanely good.  Averaging 1/800th at f/2.2 at ISO 500 on one of my two camera bodies, life is great.  Come to Utah and see for yourself!

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